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At The Point Group, public relations is so much more than pitching stories. Our PR team works with clients to mine for those “golden nuggets” that will deliver your unique story and elevate your brand. Then our team goes to work to collaborate, brainstorm, plan, discuss – and then discuss some more – to ensure that we’ve uncovered all the possibilities and potential that your brand story has to offer, and we find all the right people and places to tell that story. We also work in tandem with our team of marketing pros to leverage any opportunities that may accelerate visibility through integrated efforts. Our strategies deliver positive, copious, and impactful coverage, documented in reporting, so you get to see the value of your investment. As business folks ourselves, we know how important that is.

Partner with us and let us tell your story. At the heart of good PR there are effective and dynamic storytellers. And we’ve got them in spades.

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thought leadership | content creation | media relations | reputation management | crisis communications | media training | PR & social integration | community relations | event planning & coordination

how our PR workflow works

we do it all, but here are some highlights

leading the way

do you use thought leadership as part of your PR strategy?

If not, we can help you use it to shine a light on your company’s expertise and industry insights. An integral aspect of our PR team’s expertise is grounded in understanding your business and how best to put it in the spotlight using your own industry acumen to positively promote your company as a leader. Using astute (and persistent) media relations skills, our PR experts rack up positive and timely exposure which translates into unparalleled earned publicity value.

we think on our feet

is there a crisis?

We think and act fast. Brand reputations are fragile, and a publicity crisis can turn your company’s world upside down. Take a deep breath and allow our crisis communications expertise to turn what seems hopeless back to stable and, ultimately, positive again. Once the storm dissipates, we can work with you to be proactive, to learn how to anticipate potential threats and create response protocols and processes to ensure you’re ready if (or when) another storm hits.

deep expertise

does your leadership team have media training?

We have PR staff who understand exactly how reporters think, what they’re looking for, and what potential bombshells they might throw at your feet. Don’t go in front of cameras or get behind a microphone without fully understanding everything that goes into giving an interview or holding a press conference. You and your company leaders are the face of the organization. As you go, so goes your brand, so allow us to give you the media training you need so you’re ready for anything.

we’re connected

are you as social as you should be?

Our team of PR and social media experts know exactly how to strategize to ensure you’re maximizing PR efforts by integrating social media into the mix. It’s not enough to push out stories. You need a partner that understands how to masterfully combine the power of PR and the reach of social media to blow the roof off your positive sentiment metrics.

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