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we are business builders

Whomever you’re talking to on our leadership team, whether a former business owner, Fortune 50 CMO, reporter, or ad agency founder, each has a unique perspective, experience and history of building brands and building businesses.


More than essential, our healthcare clients are always on, and so are we. As our Health & Wellness markets continue to grow in scope and importance, our roles have grown and expanded to meet the challenges of today and beyond. From payors to providers, The Point Group team takes pride in our firm’s unique healthcare expertise.


In today’s new environment, our Hospitality & Entertainment client partners are thinking of new ways to reach and engage customers. The new experience economy is demanding. As a marketing firm, we’ve witnessed firsthand how lifestyle positioning has crossed into other major verticals like healthcare, real estate and senior living.

senior lifestyle

Having worked with hundreds of senior communities across America as well as senior-focused B2B clients and a host of companies serving seniors, our roots run deep. And because we know that every community is unique, we create custom brands tailored around each community’s unique atmosphere and voice. We also lean hard on our healthcare, hospitality, technology and real estate experience to reach people who want to live their best life.

We’ve been in your shoes. And we take pride in our unique ability to walk alongside you as we take steps to grow your business.



In a rapidly evolving and changing world, technology is more present than ever in the marketplace – particularly B2B. Our technology partners have experienced our capacity to come to the table with innovative, viable, and strategic solutions in giving what’s historically been very “black box” subject matter an increasingly marketable angle. Let’s talk about how we can help your technology brand gain added traction and increased engagement.

real estate

More than just selling homes or office space, the best real estate marketing is centered on your target in relation to competition and what the market dictates. It’s about creating a destination, an experience to attract and retain customers. Breakthrough messaging, compelling creative and attractive design in the hands of experienced real estate marketers will work as hard for your business as your architects.


You’ll notice in our alphabetical list of industry expertise we didn’t start with advertising. We mean business. Over the decades, we’ve gained valuable insights and experience selling businesses on businesses. From press and media relations to B2B digital and lead generation initiatives, we’ve helped a wide range of businesses get more business.


Women play a pivotal role both as influencers and decision makers across variety of sectors, from healthcare and seniors, to hospitality and real estate. For marketers and businesses, understanding the influence, impact, behaviors and needs of women is critical. Mom always knows best, and we know how to reach her.


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