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turbo driven PPC campaign puts market share into overdrive

CarsArrive Auto Relocation is a leading vehicle shipping service in North America, moving over 3 million cars and trucks a year for customers and consumers. CarsArrive needed to revitalize its brand, introduce new technologies and showcase the quality of its services in order to drive sales, increase topline revenue and build customer loyalty. Competition for a share of the auto transport industry has grown significantly over the last five years as more and more companies strive to get their piece of the $150B category.

This industry growth is driven by an American culture that not only loves its cars but is becoming increasingly mobile whether to accommodate their snowbird lifestyles, relocate for a job or move a teenager off to college, our cars do not get left behind. In light of this increasing competition, CarsArrive dominated the commercial side of the industry but needed to position itself as the vehicle shipper of choice for personally owned vehicles (POV) – both consumer and corporate.

With CarsArrive opting not to compete on price, but technology, service centers and transparency as key differentiators, TPG was tasked with creating a distinct brand look and feel for the POV side of the business. Our first effort was to revamp the old, outdated website into a brand tool that also provided simple ecommerce for online bookers.

We leveraged CarsArrive’s ‘Shift into Simple’ positioning and built a modern and sleek website that not only delivered on that promise but updated the tired brand image. We created a ‘3 easy steps’ process and other custom icons to highlight the superior delivery.

To ensure the website was a hard-working selling tool, we built a streamlined check-out cart that made booking a breeze. To support this new image among corporate channels, we created a new trade show booth that reflected the new brand standards, and created two animated films that helped educated customers and consumers alike on how the shipping process works and why CarsArrive is the best choice.

Shortly after the launch of our new integrated campaign, COVID-19 interrupted our momentum as the shelter in place requirements resulted in almost 90% of Americans hunkering down to help flatten the curve. This resulted in an unprecedented number of cancellations and a significant slowdown across the auto transport segment as only the most critical moves were proceeding.

As fewer and fewer people needed to relocate their cars, we had to quickly devise an efficient way to capture the lion’s share of this shrinking pie, while maximizing the stickiness of every possible lead. Given our intel that PPC represented 75% of all leads, we created a highly integrated lead nurture campaign leveraging PPC, SEO, social and relevant content focused on six key states that covered 80% of volume.

We supported our efforts with a dedicated COVID-19 landing page to assure consumers that we were open for business, as an essential service, and that we were creating a new “Hands Free” transaction that eliminated any direct contact throughout the shipping process.

The new look and feel significantly elevated brand perceptions among key customers, and our share in the marketplace remains strong. Our PPC effort is showing an industry high ROI of 238%. And to date, CarsRelo is the only division of KARGlobal showing revenue growth during the COVID slowdown.