introducing an innovative canine cancer treatment to consumers

To promote Virbac’s continued growth in the veterinary pharmaceuticals industry, TPG strategically services the company with insights into current trends taking place in veterinary health, keeping in mind Virbac’s ongoing product development strategy to provide owners across the U.S. with high quality products for their pets. Through targeted media relations efforts at local and national market levels, we speak to what Virbac represents as a company while answering what consumers want to know about these products.

the situation

In early 2021 TPG was tasked with introducing Virbac’s innovative canine cancer treatment, STELFONTA®, to the general consumer as an alternative to current treatments available on the market. The product had been pitched through internal grassroots efforts by Virbac to associated veterinarians. However, the company believed that for maximum awareness, consumer level outreach was integral to success of the product’s launch. Virbac partnered with TPG in August 2021 to support the product’s consumer launch with national and local media relations campaigns.


TPG’s strategy focused on utilizing pet owner testimonials to gain earned media viability. Efforts were focused on building awareness for this new treatment at the local and national levels, dependent on the pet’s location and strength of story. Utilizing stories of successful treatments enabled us to “humanize” how this product could be used as an alternative to current canine cancer treatments available.


TPG worked with Virbac to determine key media markets and identify patients and their respective veterinarians in those geo-targeted locations. With patient/veterinarian details in hand, TPG developed tailored pitches, crafted specifically for reporters who covered healthcare or lifestyle beats, as well as those with personal interest as pet owners.

TPG coordinated interviews with 1) owners whose dogs had been successfully treated with STELFONTA, and 2) veterinarians who successfully treated patients with STELFONTA to speak to their experiences using this new treatment. TPG also supported Virbac through product placement and thought leadership through contributed articles, product round-ups and other related resources.

from the client

“Working with The Point Group is an absolute pleasure. They are always providing great opportunities for our firm to pursue and thus improve our brand awareness. Most importantly, they've taken the time to understand our highly regulated industry thus making the most effective use of both companies' time and effort. I highly recommend TPG!”


the results

Following STELFONTA’s initial launch in August, TPG’s ambitious PR push resulted in placements in the Atlanta, Dallas and Houston media markets, which led to further earned media placements nationally in publications such as, PEOPLE Magazine.

Coverage highlights:

  • Produced a total of 63.3M impressions
  • Advertising equivalency value of $850K