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turning social media follows into raving fans and influencers

Residential real estate is all about creating a destination. And when you have nothing but a field of grass and set of renderings with a two-year construction plan, you have to build an audience using their creative imaginations. Norterre was the first of its kind, multi-generational residential neighborhood. The plans were to create a community of senior living, active adults, and college students all nestled around a signature 65,000 square foot health and wellness center. Our adept social media team was key to keeping our message alive from the time Norterre broke ground to opening day.

Social media became our primary way to drive the volume of interest from fitness fanatics and residents living in the nearby area. With consistent frequency and engaging content, we were able to gain an audience of 10,000 loyal fans who became Norterre enthusiasts willing to help us create a movement and change the senior living conversation to one of health and wellness for multiple generations.

The connection between social platforms allowed us to tell the story from different viewpoints – Facebook stories, Twitter news, Instagram visual palettes, and Pinterest boards. LinkedIn was then used to leverage the influential B2B referral market.

The promotional partnership we leveraged with Les Mills allowed us to gain access to videos and social media content that kept our fitness fanatics engaged, anticipating the 150 weekly classes that would be offered exclusively at Norterre. With our integrated public relations, social, and account service teams, we were able to leverage content into a strategic continuity campaign for the wellness director to engage with the audience through ongoing video marketing.

Programmatic video campaigns played a critical role in launching Norterre prior to having any buildings for prospects to tour. A series of interview-styled videos were designed to drip the vision and heart from the eyes of those who had designed and orchestrated this new concept in multigenerational living.

A playlist was created on YouTube to add volume to the searchable and shareable content to tell the brand story in bite-sized parts and further define the target segments. In combination, the “Be Greater Than” vision was brought to life with real people and their real stories of triumph. Orchestrating eight different social media pages with multiple voices in ways that connected seniors, their adult children, fitness enthusiasts, community influencers, we were able to keep the message alive while generating interest (and measurable conversions) two years prior to opening, on opening day, and two years after opening.

The investment in social media resulted in turning 10,000 fans into raving influencers that helped achieved the business goals for 6,500 memberships and 85% occupancy.