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engaging the fight for breast health to start a movement

Consumer insights is a specialty of The Point Group team—not just for a specific demographic, but for the particular industry of focus. When it comes to healthcare marketing, we speak physician and we speak Mom, friend, sister, daughter. We understand the nuances, we know how to navigate the differences.

Solis Mammography works in multiple markets across the U.S. to provide 3-D mammography to improve breast health. For the better part of a year, Solis worked side-by-side with The Point Group, using strategic marketing to battle the negative perceptions of pain and fear of results that keep more than 50% of all women over 40 from getting annual mammograms.

As Solis’ strategic marketing partner, we leveraged our media partnerships to reach women and communicate the urgency of early detection and extol the virtues of less pain, more convenient online scheduling, and accuracy.

To build trust, we knew that we had an opportunity to leverage our long-standing relationships with IHeart, Cumulus, Entercom, and Radio One to develop a personal conversation campaign that would resonate with loyal following of on-air personalities.

Our goal was to drive engagement and strengthen the personal connection between Solis and women.

We knew that if we personalized the benefits of mammograms and the importance of ongoing breast health, we could create a movement.

First, we had to convince the media partners to help in the cause. To maximize reach for media spending, we positioned the messages as educational PSA marketing to secure additional impressions a normal radio buy could not provide.

While Solis was making adjustments to re-open its centers, we worked behind the scenes to engage our personalities to help us get the message of safety and the importance of breast health out to the community.

From its beginnings, the personality endorsement campaign generated an extra 50% percent increase in impressions, reaching 30 million, which turned into a 23% increase in call volume for appointments compared to the previous year. And by pivoting the flighting strategy during the pandemic, we were able to benefit from the residual effect of the campaign to extend the message over six months with a budget for only three months.