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leveraging digital and social media strategy to generate leads

The Bariatric Experts are just that – experts at bariatric solutions, performing bariatric surgery as well as administering medically-supervised weight loss programs with in-house nutritionists. Both Dr. Scott Stowers and Dr. Randy Wright started their careers as surgeons, but found that they were just patching people up than improving their lives. When they contemplated bariatric surgery as the next career path, they felt that they could make a difference in the overall health of patients.Whether they assist with a medically-supervised weight program with their in-house nutritionist or perform gastric sleeve surgery, they put everything in place for patients to be more healthy and successful in life. They have been doing this for more than 20 years.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole country was sheltering in place and putting on extra pounds from the stress of the situation and being in close proximity to the refrigerator. Once businesses and non-essential medical practices opened up, there was a pent-up demand to seek weight loss solutions. As DFW and the practice reopened, we needed to pivot the marketing strategy to attract individuals who knew that they needed help with weight management to avoid any additional health risks. Knowing that social media was reaching all-time highs in consumption during the pandemic for our target audience of females who make the health care decisions for the family, we leveraged that media channel for best engagement. Our messaging was focused on being your healthiest self. Comorbidities such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes are off shoots of obesity and presented added risk of contracting and recovering from the coronavirus.

We needed to deliver targeted messages such as those topics to that target audience. We profiled 1,000 current patients and used their information to create “look-a-likes” among potential patients on Facebook. Social media became a key tool for us to reach our target market.

We used Facebook paid populated with messages highlighting the importance of being healthy during this time, reducing or eliminating diabetic medication and improving fertility through weight loss. These topics during the pandemic environment were more important to communicate rather than just raising self-esteem through weight loss.

To complement the ads, we created landing pages that were focused on communicating about each medical issue or comorbidity. Organic Facebook ads were posted and boosted featuring quotes, videos from the physicians and patient testimonial videos.

As a result of our rapid response digital and social media strategy, lead generation increased by 89%, and the cost per acquisition was reduced by 76%.