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using digital media as the backbone for driving surgery appointments

As a full-service agency, it’s important to understand how to direct the expertise and skills of multiple teams in order to deliver the best results for a given client. That’s exactly what we’ve done for Southwest Scoliosis Institute, directing our resources in creative design, web development and digital marketing to make them all work in tandem to create a brand voice and attract patients to the top of the sales funnel. Southwest Scoliosis Institute offers medical care for orthopedic spine issues, and specializes in the treatment of scoliosis and other complex spine conditions, as well as surgery to correct them.

These surgeries are considered high-risk, and many doctors won’t attempt them due to the level of difficulty and the specialized training and equipment required. Southwest Scoliosis Institute is so successful with these types of surgeries, most of its patients never require another surgery. And that means they are in constant need of new patients.

Knowing this, we developed a two-fold strategy – one for consumers and one for referring physicians to communicate the value of SWSI to both audiences and bring patients through the door. For consumers near the bottom of the funnel, we leveraged patients who were successfully treated by the practice and encouraged them to become brand advocates. We captured their stories on camera and purposed them out across multiple platforms – web, social, and marketing.

For those near the top of the funnel who may just be starting research into spine conditions, we set up a lead magnet (Scoliosis Quiz) that we posted on the SWSI website to feed leads into a CRM database and send out ongoing marketing emails with useful information about the practice and about different spine conditions. For referring physicians, it was important to show them that SWSI can be a trusted resource and a leader in high-risk, highly specialized surgeries that most orthopedic surgeons are not able to perform.To do this, we built a microsite inside the SWSI site geared just for referring physicians. It has bios of the SWSI physicians, case studies, and an easy-to-use referral form. There are links to research and the published pages of the practice. The language used delivers messaging tailored to that audience because we understand the importance of speaking physician to physician.

As a result of these efforts, we have seen an average increase of 27% in qualified leads come to the practice and of those qualified leads, 42% resulted in appointments over the last year.