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launching a new brand identity by evaluating the true value proposition

MedSynergies, a leader in Physician Alignment, needed a strategic plan to position itself for growth based on opportunities within its niche category of healthcare. The company had a vision that was not well articulated either inside the company and to its 8,000 healthcare providers. The strategy with new customers consisted of showing them, literally, how hard it was to attain successful Physician Alignment within the provider environment. A sales team would march into a new business opportunity with stacks of notebooks and reams of paper displaying the complicated process of successful implementation. On paper, the process contained no less than 28 steps and each of those steps required multiple activities. Initially, MedSynergies came to The Point Group needing help launching a new product that would lead to additional clients and revenue.

Our challenge, day one, was to understand the business goal of the company, how the brand could better position the company for being part of the consideration set for new opportunities. What we discovered was that no two executives agreed on what the new product meant to the overall brand or how the new product would actually change the company’s overall brand attributes.

For the product launch, we greatly simplified the messaging for all marketing materials and with graphics and communication reduced from 28 steps to five. Clients were better able to understand the process, and more importantly the value of the MedSynergies steps to success.

We extended these elements out through various initiatives and tactics, including developing a dynamic new website, creating exciting new sales tools and collateral pieces, print and web ads for industry publications, built a unique animated sales presentation, and redesigned trade show graphics.

The new brand image and accompanying tools were successful in both setting MedSynergies apart from its competition and focusing its value proposition to the marketplace. Moreover, employees and internal stakeholders became living, breathing stewards of the brand because now they understood and embraced it. At the end of two years with the new brand, MedSynergies exceeded the stated goal of 10 new customers in two years was one of the fastest-growing companies of any kind in Texas, and eventually being acquired by Optum Health.