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broad-based marketing strategy designed to save lives

Enterhealth is a private pay healthcare provider of drug and alcohol addiction treatment through residential, outpatient and online channels. Founded in 2008 by loved ones who lost a close family friend to drug addiction, The Point Group has been the integral marketing partner for branding, messaging, and launching the new concept to the market. From the beginning, The Point Group has worked to create, grow and nurture the Enterhealth brand strategy, and develop to reach and help those suffering from addiction, and their families. Unlike other drug and alcohol addiction recovery programs, Enterhealth doctors, nurses and therapists approach substance abuse as a complex and chronic brain disease in need of expert medical, psychological and therapeutic attention.

As leaders in understanding and identifying addiction as a chronic brain disease, Enterhealth had built an evidence based, highly integrated and effective treatment ecosystem of innovative technology, addiction medications, on-site MDs, PhDs and Master’s level therapists that provided superior treatment and superior outcomes. Treatment spanned not only residential, with one of a kind family therapy and integration and advanced telehealth capabilities through their outpatient programs. Today, the results speak for themselves. With an average 84% success recovery rate, and thousands of successful recoveries, Enterhealth is in a class all its own. In the same way, the marketing strategy and approach is founded on research. Our strategy and positioning has been to communicate the unique, first ever treatment of addiction as a medical brain disorder.

By focusing on consumers and the B2B market (physician referrals), The Point Group employs an integrated marketing strategy with core messaging that resonates strongly with a market searching for effective solutions. We’ve done it through qualitative research with individuals who had past experiences with recovery programs.

Through an integrated marketing strategy targeting affluent, educated consumers and potential referring physicians, we generate leads and calls. Broadcast TV, cable, and radio media buys are designed to provide air cover for a strategically targeted PPC (Google Adwords) campaign. All of which is coordinated and successfully monitored day-by-day, minute-by-minute to watch how viewers and listeners are responding to the message and to see where the online visitors go and what they view.

For the B2B sector, we film and create CME webinars, newsletters and invitation-only speaking engagements and events. The centerpiece of our efforts is the Enterhealth.com website, the portal and ecosystem for all audiences. We segment our user experiences by audience, leading patients, families and referring physicians into distinct areas of the site to generate more engagement and, ultimately, more leads.