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MV Transit turning an old website design into one that drives business.

turning an old website design into one that drives business

MV Transit is the leading provider of paratransit services and the largest privately owned passenger transportation contracting services firm in the United States. In addition to paratransit services, the company provides fixed-route, campus and corporate shuttles, and student transportation services. Founded in 1975, MV Transit provides freedom for over 110 million passengers each year across 28 states and three Canadian provinces with a team of more than 20,000 dedicated transit professionals.

The company reached a point in time when its website needed to be overhauled. MV Transit wanted a new look and feel that brought its brand forward in comparison to the competition. At the same time, it needed to show its leadership in the market and emphasize the end benefit of choosing MV Transit. The current website did not serve as a call to action, and the site needed to lead to new deals and high-quality applicants.

With an abundance of MV Transit product benefits, references, case studies, and experience, we were able to create a site that provided an architecture for a stronger user experience. Those who were familiar with MV Transit already had a positive impression of the company, yet those who were not familiar needed to understand its expertise in safety and maintenance, its exceptional service record, and long-standing engagements across the country.

The differentiating factors of One MV and MV Integration Mobility Model allowed MV Transit to compete beyond price.  Our job was to showcase value. Using its symbol of an arrow and its mantra of “We Provide Freedom,” we took the old site and turned it into a more modern, more functional, easier to navigate from one page to the next robust digital experience. The site uses a more modern connection from page to page, with links designed to get the user easily through all the information MV Transit has to share.

While targeting specific service areas, visitors can easily move from one concept to the next:  About MV Transit, Our Services, Why MV?  One other unique element we deployed was the effective use of all the logos for the companies MV Transit services.  By showcasing experience in such a dynamic way, MV Transit boasts immediate credibility to any new prospects unfamiliar with the brand. After the launch of the site, MV Transit received additional leads from municipilaties and school districts not yet in its customer profile.

The site continues to produce leads for MV Transit, and the company’s social media following has increased in popularity. Important to note is that with any website revamp, taking the time in advance to study the competition and to understand how the consumer is going to use the site is what helps establish the best strategic roadmap.  For MV Transit, we were able to put its best wheels forward to drive results for the growth of the business.

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