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10 New Agents Recruited

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launching a new program in a highly competitive environment

WJW Associates has been a closely held, family-run transportation services company since its inception in 1979. WJW Associates maintained success conducting business as usual even with a low overall awareness in the marketplace. The company’s favorable reputation was known by existing customers, but visibility was limited in comparison to the larger players in a very competitive environment. WJW had not set the stage to be noticed. With a shift in leadership and new financial goals in place, WJW recruited an experienced agent program leader to join the team. WJW wanted a marketing partner that understood its business and had extensive experience in building a brand to support the end game of growth and competitive positioning. Our goal was to develop a cost-effective, highly impactful and integrated communications plan to launch the first-ever WJW Agent Program.

Get paid more and faster when you make the switch to WJW Transportation.

The Point Group conducted a comprehensive marketing momentum plan to analyze its current market and uncover key insights to launch and promote a successful agent program. By uncovering WJW’s clean brand perception slate, we were able to establish an ‘integrity’ communications platform that positioned WJW in a different way than the leading competitors. Being a smaller player vying for the same target audience and end goal of recruiting new agents, our plan to entice the best agent candidates had to deliver above-the-norm program benefits. The fully integrated campaign was designed to capitalize on low competitive communications activity and breakthrough to drive awareness and convert to program sign-ups.

By analyzing current company reviews and staff feedback of competitors, we found that most of the program benefits/expectations were not being delivered. Our target audience was being bombarded with numerous messages on Truckstop.com from other competitors highlighting their ‘benefits,’ so we needed to find a more breakthrough approach. Guided by research and powered by a second-to-none digital creative team, we uncovered key insights to build and promote a successful agent program.

As part of the execution plan, we collaborated with Truckstop.com to create a “never done before” digital approach to “take over” its site, owning all online ad space simultaneously targeting our market with a compelling WJW message. We developed a conversion-driven landing page with messaging focused on encouraging existing agents to “SWITCH to an agent program like no other” by focusing on the key benefits research showed us that matter to those considering a new program, including up to 75% commission opportunities. Over the course of six months, we delivered 30 million impressions by creating a new ad unit that reached the target audience every time they logged on to see what loads were available. By getting in front of the right audience, at the right time, with the right message in a more dynamic way than the competition, we were able to overdeliver on the business objectives.

In a short six months, WJW went from having minimal market awareness without an agent program to recruiting more than 10 agents. Through our continued efforts of shaping messaging, we’ve helped WJW earn the (much merited) brand recognition with an established agent program.