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Knowing where to reach your customers, capture their attention, and get them to act is what we do best. Our holistic approach to strategic media planning blends the strengths of traditional media with the precision of digital media, based on how your target audience consumes media. 

Our integrated media philosophy goes beyond spots and dots measured only by impressions. We believe in a more impactful approach and leverage our 30+ years in developing strong media relationships and ties to the community. These relationships allow us to create one-of-a-kind personalized consumer experiences with your brand, resulting in a true partnership. This approach gives your brand a stronger position in the market and better inventory access so your media investment has more impact. 

Armed with business intelligence, market conditions, competitive analysis, and consumer behavior dynamics, we blend owned, earned, and paid media to better connect with your consumer where they live, work and play.   

The bottom line, our addressable programmatic media solutions (no matter the media channel) deliver better results and ROI. 

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Smart media planning is a balance between traditional and digital. We use research and behavioral science to determine the foundation. Then we leverage our media partnerships and creative thinking to provide artful precision that we can measure and optimize.

Traditional Print.
Print isn’t dead. In fact, its influence is significant in delivering a deeper story about your brand with broader reach to a captive audience.

In Native Print.
Additional content from our PR team allows us to leverage reach in digital print platforms, connecting to your website with stronger SEO.

TV and radio have unprecedented power in reaching broad audiences. We also leverage broadcast news and sports talk to bring your brand to life beyond the traditional 30 second message.

Fifty percent of households stream media content. At TPG, we know how to navigate the complexities of OTT to deliver broader reach and frequency with better inventory access and stronger cost efficiencies.

Direct Mail.
We deliver impactful direct to door and POS marketing to get your message in the hands of your target and with the best return on investment.

Outbound Email.
We leverage the credibility of third-party endorsements to augment reach through email marketing to drive a conversion.

Social Media.
We leverage the influence social media has in capturing attention and stimulating an immediate response. We create content for Facebook, TikTok and YouTube, and version for Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Addressable digital display allows us to follow target prospects across programming and drive them to your website, augmenting strategic PPC.

Out of Home
We connect the power of outdoor advertising to mobile geofencing, blending broader reach with precision marketing resulting in more conversions and better ROI.

Webinars & Podcasts.
Embedding your brand message in educational and entertainment content allows us to leverage new platforms to better engage your target audience.

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