$1.12 million in revenue

turning up lucid's sales volume

Lucid Hearing, a longstanding player in the hearing aid market, recently ventured into the newly approved OTC category, targeting millions of Americans with mild to moderate hearing loss.

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the situation

After 13 years in the hearing aid marketplace with over 500 hearing centers across the US, Lucid Hearing entered the recently approved over-the-counter (OTC) category for hearing loss solutions. The recent FDA ruling paves the way for millions of Americans with mild to moderate hearing loss to gain access to hearing aids that will not require a medical exam, a prescription or an audiogram. TPG was brought in to launch the Lucid brand to consumers in a highly competitive environment of highly recognized brand names such as Bose, Apple, and Tetra


Market research revealed a need to introduce the brand with authenticity and credibility around the holistic approach Lucid Hearing provides for hearing solutions. Armed with key retailer support from Sam’s Club and Best Buy, we knew we had a footprint that could be leveraged for powerful distribution of our message. Research also revealed that the strongest target market demographic would be those over 50 in need of hearing loss correction and the caregivers who would influence the decision. The goal was to increase name recognition in advance of the heavy hitters we knew would have a stronger hold on consumer familiarity.

Mockup of open magazine, featuring Lucid hearing aids.
Lucid's magazine cover for MedTech magazine. Features headshot of Lucid CEO.
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In a 360 surround of the brand, strategic public relations was used to provide consumers with reasons to believe in the Lucid Hearing brand in a two-pronged approach that addressed a go-to-market campaign for the OTC product and an awareness campaign for the Lucid brand. For the OTC Campaign: we developed an education-based approach oriented around mild to moderate hearing loss to promote information about Lucid Hearing’s OTC hearing aid solutions across multiple channels, including editorials to promote SEO for the website and editorial content to populate organic social, paid social, paid influencer program as well as strategic paid advertising opportunities.

This Owned | Earned | Paid strategy had purposeful intent to influence consumers during their research and purchase decision   process. Finding cover story opportunities and offering up Lucid Hearing leadership for interviews proved to be essential for gaining ground. Augmenting PR, programmatic digital was deployed to get the message in front of in-market consumers. The one-two punch was instrumental in driving consumers to the website to learn more and easily navigate to the ecommerce site for conversion. For the Lucid Hearing Brand Campaign: we deployed an educational approach oriented around more severe hearing loss to promote Lucid Hearing’s prescription hearing aids, including educational blogs, video testimonials, and editorial interviews with the CEO and CTO. The strategic execution of both campaigns landed Lucid on the front cover of nationally renowned publications, like Consumer Reports, and Forbes Health.

gif of results that Lucid has accomplished within 3 months

the results

Within 3 months, the campaign resulted in 5 million monthly impressions, 14,000 monthly visits to the website, and 17,000 social followers.