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Norterre multigenerational destination helps you feel better, get better, and get home faster.

launching a new concept in multigenerational living — two years in the making

Creating a destination from the backdrop of a field of grass on a hill next to a hospital in north Kansas City, we faced a daunting task of introducing an entirely new concept for master planned communities – Norterre, a multigenerational interconnected neighborhood of health, wellbeing, and residential living. Our business goals were clear: drive occupancy for assisted living and memory care residences; generate referrals for short-term rehabilitation and long-term recovery guest suites; and stimulate membership for the health and fitness center.

Four distinct target personas, four ambitious business objectives, two years of construction, and four layers of multi-tiered messaging formed the foundation of our marketing strategy. The first step was to create a differentiating brand look and feel that allowed multiple target audiences to picture themselves in a history-making twist on senior living. Every aspect of the holistic communications played off the theme “Be Greater Than,” which provided a game changing launch pad to balance the senior living aspect without alienating the youngers and the hard-core fitness fanatics while appealing to the older demographic of seniors and their adult children.

The brand came to life as a community for people of all ages through the use of creative synchronization between sales collateral, signage, and a digital engine for lead generation.

Media research and local market insights drove the strategy behind developing a comprehensive website portal that would serve as the first place people would go to learn more about this one-of-a-kind community destination. Our in-house creative designers and digital marketers developed a dynamic virtual tour of what the community would become, creating four areas on the site with inherent click through navigation and strategic SEO-friendly blogs to showcase lifestyle, fitness, culture, and appeal for people of all ages.

The vision came to life through a comprehensive content strategy that dripped videos and visuals on all aspects of Norterre to create a total sensory surround of art, music, health, wellness, and a new way of living together. Monthly events were used to bring prospects to the Welcome Center and encourage them to participate in classes, meals, and community educational seminars designed to elevate awareness and encourage referrals, two years before the property was set to open. Lead generation hooks were strategically located throughout the site to drive interest and capture names for future marketing through an extensive email program.

The 78% open rate for our presales enewsletter allowed us to get people interested in and attached to the community from the start. An average of 500 new signups every month came from our integrated PPC strategy team that deployed an impression-based digital campaign averaging 2 million impressions with an average 30,000 unique visits to the site each month.

Norterre multigenerational community focuses on creating a comfortable, safe, secure and understanding environment for all residents.

Through the use of integrated print, public relations, digital, broadcast, OOH, and social media all working together, our message delivered comprehensive coverage to the targets and their differing mindsets. By the time Norterre opened its doors to the public, 6,500 presold memberships were secured with a 50% deposit ratio on the senior living residences. One year after opening, the campaign achieved $11.2 million in lifetime value revenue, far exceeding expectations and paving the road for the future multigenerational residential development of Norterre.

Norterre family community is a place where you can find your emotional soul to a happier you.