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AT&T came to us to elevate awareness of its IoT Marketplace to C-suite in key industry targets and drive companies to test concepts at the AT&T IoT Marketplace. While AT&T had launched the marketplace internally, it did not have awareness and traction externally.

Our assignment was to develop a cost-effective and highly impactful digital marketing campaign to elevate awareness for AT&T IoT Marketplace among key C-suite decision makers. We knew that the audience outside of AT&T would not understand what Marketplace had to offer without first creating a landing page with new messaging to help communicate the value and how to use it. The charge was to create interest and drive them to the website to check out the product offering where they would be able to experience the benefit of having everything in one place – a one-stop shop that makes it easier to manage and track the products they need to move their business forward.

Armed with the brand recognition, we knew we had to hit the C-suite first and not the front line operators (who had their own way of researching and finding products that did not necessarily include AT&T).

Recognizing that COOs were our primary target market, we felt that the best way to target that specific demographic and title would be through programmatic marketing. Google and social media advertising were used to augment the programmatic play to provide additional editorial contexting to ensure the message appeared in the right editorial environment – as these influential decision makers are thinking about business decisions. Next, we needed a place for these top-level, time-deprived senior level decision makers to go for a quick understanding of what AT&T IoT Marketplace had to offer. Our digital team designed and built a conversion-driven landing page with messaging focused on the purpose of the marketplace with an easy-to-follow user experience. The key to drawing attention to the Marketplace was centered on the socialization of new launches; features and offers. These revealed opportunities to deliver (IoT Marketplace centric) messages to the market that would help drive the right traffic in our programmatic play to the landing pages.

In a highly competitive environment touting similar IoT offerings, our plan included capitalizing on AT&T’s unique benefits of its marketplace being that everything IoT is in ONE place making it EASY as 1-2-3.

We used a technique that gave us broad coverage of the C-Suite while overlapping the developers as the frontline audience knowing that they would have influence on the decision. By targeting both the upper and the lower funnels, we were able to pull in traffic from all sides, across multiple industries, but focused on supply chain and assets management. The creative was kept simple but direct, animated to show the multiple points of delivery and the ease of doing business with AT&T. As a result, the compelling initiative was able to increase marketplace awareness with over 15.5 MILLION impressions in approx. 10 weeks, well over the 5.5 million impression objective established at the start of the campaign. While the primary goal was awareness, we also drove conversions which proved out the ultimate goal of testing the market to see if there was interest in the AT&T solution of a one stop, one shop marketplace for IOT.