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leveraging brand equity as a launching pad to introduce a new brand

Whether launching a new brand, acquisition of multiple brands into one, or revitalizing an existing one, our approach to brand identity is comprehensive. We start with market research to identify the opportunities and navigate any gaps within the industry. We know that brand look and feel has to be comprehensive in scope and has to align with the business objectives. We dive deep into the competitive brandscape and develop the personality of the brand, its attributes, what it means to the target audience, and how it can impact the business in a positive way. The healthcare revenue cycle industry consists of a diverse mix of solution providers, ranging in scope from large 300-pound gorillas that offer the full spectrum of business and clinical solutions to smaller, mid-size companies that specialize in specific areas of the revenue cycle chain. ccuro’s business strategy was to build its product portfolio. Through strategic acquisitions of best-of-breed technologies of such companies as IMACS, Innovative Health Solutions (IHS) and CodeCorrect, Accuro was entering a highly competitive market with no brand awareness for itself.

The challenge for Accuro was to leverage the brand equity of the three acquired companies and establish Accuro Healthcare Solutions as a new brand with its own merits. Within the hospital marketplace, Accuro’s primary target audience consisted of key C-suite decision makers including CFOs and their decision influencers. HFMA ANI, the largest and most-widely attended tradeshow was selected as Accuro’s official brand launch into the industry. Our goal was to position the company as the single-source provider of revenue cycle management solutions, a primary pain point for CFOs and hospital administrators.

Based on our research, a brand look and feel was created to distinctly separate Accuro from others in the industry who commonly utilize a more “clinical” look and feel.

Through the use of more technology-focused imagery, bold colors, strong “single-source” messaging and a comprehensive marketing strategy, The Point Group was able to create an Accuro brand that quickly became recognizable and adopted in the industry. To leverage the acquisitions, our first step was to use the brand equity and add “An Accuro Company” to phase in the introduction of the Accuro brand. We then created a new logo, tagline and positioning and messaging to serve as the platform for the new Accuro brand. We symbolically merged the three companies into one name through a pre-launch campaign of “3.2.1..” utilizing the look and feel similar to a space launch.

The pre-launch evolutional tactics leading up to the ANI show included direct mail, print and digital advertising with the “lift off” demonstrated through a newly designed and revolutionary trade show booth, marketing collateral, website, and various promotional giveaways. The post-show phase of the transition strategy began with the launch of the new Accuro brand messaging in print, direct mail, and digital.

A brand benchmarking study was conducted to gauge Accuro’s overall brand awareness within the industry as compared to nine of its Tier One competitors. In less than a year of forming and six months after launching the company, the research showed that overall awareness of Accuro was among the top of industry leaders. In less than four years, Accuro went from a completely unknown player within a highly competitive market to ultimately fulfilling its strategic business objectives through its own acquisition by an industry leader.