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Turning rough ideas into full-fledged marketing campaigns takes experience and a creative inclination. We sat down with our Executive Creative Director J Frederick to get a little insight into his personal ethos.

A recent arrival to The Point Group, J’s background includes stints at DDB/TracyLocke, large private and public firms, as well as founding and running his own firm RD&F Advertising for 20 years.

An award-winning writer and creative director, he’s worked on campaigns for everyone from American Heart Association, Cirro Energy/NRG, and CareNow to Methodist Health System, Southwest Airlines and Verizon. Today, he brings his fresh, multifaceted perspective to our team.

Why were you initially attracted to TPG?

The TPG entrepreneurial spirit. The opportunity to create and build a wildly successful business while helping our clients build their businesses. It’s extremely rewarding to witness firsthand growing successful businesses, both ours and our client partners.

How do you inspire creativity in those around you?

I believe true inspiration comes from within. It’s something you either seek out or you don’t. If you’re an intrinsically motivated person, you seek out inspiration. My job is to help provide adequate motivation and reward those few bright souls who crave inspiration. To me, that’s creativity.

Where did you start your career?

Honestly, I started when I was a kid. I’d draw, write, paint, and win the admiration of my aunts. After ignoring my bearing, going into the military, and failing at what I thought I wanted to do, I finally embraced my purpose. My first job was to realize what God put me on the Earth to do.

What are 3 fun facts about you that people might not know?

Can’t mention them here, and fun is arbitrary, but I’m a sucker for my girls, really dorky things that get eye-rolls from my family and most folks, and redneck renaissance people. They’re fun.

Who are the people who inspire you?

Writers, dreamers, entrepreneurs, fighters, cowboys, people who are perceived as weak but stand up for insurmountable causes and beliefs.

When did the Aha! moment happen that put you on your current career path?

I was lost in military, architecture, art, math, English, computer science, football, and about any other major you could think of. Needed one last elective to graduate. Advertising 101. Dr. JJ Jaw showed us a video of the Mitsubishi 3000 Super Bowl Spot. It had a lot of horses.

How do you enhance the corporate culture in your work routine?

I’m not big on the concept of corporate culture, probably because it starts with the word corporate. I like to have beer and barbeque with friends who like to solve problems and make money.

What are some of your favorite things you’ve been involved in since you started at TPG?

Was fortunate to have the opportunity to start working at TPG just before the pandemic. While starting any new job is challenging, it was especially so in 2020. But I’ve really enjoyed the challenges and opportunities it has presented. Like all businesses, our clients are fighting to attract and retain customers, and we’ve all had to be very creative and proactive to achieve even better results than before. Whether working in healthcare, senior living or transportation, it’s been exciting and inspiring to see our team come together, strategize, create and execute with amazingly effective results.