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The Council of Economic Advisors for The White House have officially recognized that the Millennial Generation will shape the American economy for decades to come. As the largest generation (72.1 million Americans, age 18 to 38), Millennials are one of the most important marketing demographics today. They are also the most technology-driven generation, having grown up with smart phones, tablets, and gaming consoles for social interaction. They may be “always on their phone,” but not because they are only taking selfies, posting their opinions, or perusing YouTube. While 63% of their parents still read newspapers, 87% of Millennials use their phones instead to get their news, to research and price comparison shop, to share their brand choices, and to make purchase decisions. That’s why understanding how to use mobile marketing is critical for connecting to Millennials. It’s no longer a nice to have, but rather a strategic play in any marketing strategy.

This is also the most educated generation with 45% being college graduates and 28% continuing for post-graduate studies, according to the US Chamber Foundation. And, with 84% of Millennials measuring a brand’s values before making a purchase, marketers must embrace their intelligence and skepticism in order to portray a more authentic brand image. Millennials research brands in advance, looking for their contribution to the community and their social responsibility efforts. They seek brands who give back and do more.

As reported by Fortune Magazine, 84% are influenced by blogs while 70% use ad blockers and believe that traditional TV commercials are irrelevant. They are quick to voice their opinion, good or bad, and influence their social network through online apps like Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Twitter. They raise the bar for customer service, forcing marketers to focus on their consumer experience and reputation management, and pushing retailers to a higher game of delivering customer satisfaction. Not a bad thing for the rest of us.

The traditional marketing sweet spot of Adults 25-54 have put Millennials at the helm for developing better, broader, and deeper brand stories with more unique marketing plays. Entering the working force, taking on leadership positions, buying homes, raising families, and spending money, Millennials have become the new Baby Boomers. Successful marketers are facing the reality of having to adjust their strategies to better target and more effectively communicate with this powerful, younger, non-traditional buyer, who has grown up.

Strategically communicating to Millennials has changed the course of how marketers need to approach this target audience. At the Point Group, we understand brand integrity and authenticity. Our powerful combination of PR, consumer insights, and non-traditional media provides the right blend of telling a brand story in the right way across all platforms and transcending an approach that effectively speaks to Millennials without alienating their older counterparts. Our expertise bridges the gap between digital media and traditional media, providing content management that builds your brand story from the start. We know how to drip your campaign across channels and engage Millennials to connect to your brand. We understand how to use social media and mobile marketing to increase conversions and hit your business objectives. We speak Millennial, but more importantly we speak Brand and understand how to blend the two to get more sales. Let us help you adjust your game plan and elevate your brand story to this important demographic.

Let us help you drive a deeper brand connection with your total audience.