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At TPG, serving the needs of our clients’ businesses is our top priority, and working with in-house marketing teams is one of our long-term strategic specialties for growing client relationships. Some of our client teams have offices across the country, while others have their headquartered in one location. Some continue to work from home, while others are back in the office or a hybrid situation.

One of the ways we help is by connecting the dots between offices and departments, whether across the country or across markets – because we understand the importance of moving at retail speed. At heart, we are regional field marketers with a boots-on-the-ground mentality and roll-up-our-sleeves energy.

In our most successful partnerships, we become an extension of the internal team, working in tandem with their creative, digital, and sales departments. That way, we can better collaborate to enhance their breadth and depth in specific marketing disciplines. We also provide a fresh perspective and allow our clients to quickly scale.

Even better, our clients tell us we bring strategy, creative ideas, and proven tactics that allow them to stay focused on more immediate needs. We can step back and provide an objective, holistic approach to any marketing challenge in any specific market. Additionally, we bring unique industry insights and a broad range of solutions – including some our clients may not have even thought to try.

what we bring to client relationships

Our key advantage is that we bring a fully integrated approach to refresh a brand, launch a new product, penetrate a new market, or address a crisis. We help identify opportunities and strengthen gaps between internal teams, such as a lack of resources, expertise, or time.

Whether planning and buying media, helping with PR and creative support, or producing audio and video content in our in-house studios, we can augment your internal team’s strategic initiatives and make it easier to get to market faster with a bigger, bolder position than the competition.

Especially true in a tough labor market, partnering with The Point Group provides internal marketing teams with a trusted, strategic, time-tested resource to help grow their businesses and quickly adapt to any challenge.