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Solis Mammography provides 3-D mammography for improving breast health. The company is active and successful in multiple markets across the US, but in an industry that relies heavily on referrals. Nearly 70% of all patients are referrals from physicians; particularly breast surgeons, obstetrician-gynecologist (OBGYNs) and primary care physicians (PCPs), so Solis needed an effective B2B marketing strategy to target and retain a powerhouse network of referring medical professionals to bring greater awareness to women’s health. Because of our strong healthcare background and experience, Solis trusted our expertise to create a multi-faceted, one-to-many marketing strategy leveraging targeted healthcare specialists in an expert “word of mouth” initiative.

Since 80% of all physicians in the United States are part of the physician-to-physician, social media platform, Doximity, and 50% of those physicians are considered heavy users, we created a partnership to increase brand awareness and lead generation for Solis.

Using this platform, we targeted breast surgeons, OBGYNs and PCPs in our three largest markets (Dallas, Houston and Washington, DC), who were known to be active on Doximity and, also known to refer patients. These well-known and respected physicians became our brand ambassadors. Our strategic approach targeted physicians in two ways to leverage the Doximity database – personalized letters and informative social posts. Together with Solis Marketing department, we crafted a personalized introduction letter from each of our expert brand ambassadors and used Doximity to distribute communications to 800 selected geo-targeted breast surgeons, OBGYNs and PCPs.

In the letter, we branded our experts as advocates for women’s physical health and instead of medical jargon, we leveraged bed-side manner language to help people understand why women shy away from painful and uncomfortable yearly mammogram procedures. The letter introduced the revolutionary “Smart Curve” technology designed to accommodate the shape of the breast and reduce the amount of pain involved. Finally, the Solis physicians invited those targeted physicians to call or email them directly to receive more information about how the technology could help break barriers and motivate their patients to get a yearly mammogram. Shortly after sending the physician letter, we created a strategic four-part sequential series of informational posts – stories that allow for more detail in an engaging way. One was used to introduce Smart Curve technology, one detailed Solis’ dedication to fight breast cancer with regular mammograms, and one detailed how to have a conversation with high-risk patients where breast cancer runs in the family. The final post focused on the Solis mission of breast specialization versus broader imaging capabilities so that the experience is more private and convenient.

Our focused work paid off huge dividends for Solis, generating an average 65% open rate. An average of 24% of those physicians who opened the letter connected with the Solis physicians and an average of 9% replied to the physicians. The four-part series averaged 28% viewership, which surpassed the national average on engagement for any Doximity campaign. With the primary goal to increase physician referrals, Solis felt a new engagement from physicians they had not been able to reach before. With an average of 40 patient referrals for every physician reached, we not only surpassed Solis expectation, we increased the number of mammogram patients, which was the ultimate payoff.