Older adult man with MyndVR headset on smiling while enjoying VR library.

turning therapeutic technology for seniors into engaging results

Dallas-based startup MyndVR is a pioneer in the emerging market of Virtual Reality technology for senior living communities, home health care agencies, Veteran homes, and older adults aging in place. Through their innovative technology and senior-focused therapeutic VR content, older adults across America can experience authentic interaction with the outside world in a safe, familiar environment, helping them overcome depression and isolation.

the situation

Facing the challenge that many in the senior market consider the technology intimidating and cumbersome, we needed to embark on an educational awareness campaign that validated the health benefits of VR for seniors and introduce the new hardware product and software technology that makes it easier for seniors to use.


Thanks to the authenticated results from their commissioned research study with Stanford University and major partnerships with AT&T and HTC, MyndVR earned the credibility to be on stage at industry events and webinars, many of which switched to a virtual format during the pandemic.

Brand awareness and product benefit education among the C-suite of senior living communities became the focus, and it was our job to forge partnerships with senior living trade publications and leverage their journalistic credibility to build MyndVR’s reputation.

Our communications campaign centered on proving that VR can be an essential tool for improving the health and well-being of residents in senior living communities, offering true entertainment value while also improving brain health – especially in those with depression and the early signs of dementia and memory loss.


TPG methodically crafted a go-to-market strategy that would deliver MyndVR’s unique value proposition through digital marketing, onsite stage presence at prominent senior living trade shows, and thought leadership prominence through social media.

First, TPG negotiated strategic media opportunities to gain marketplace visibility, tell the brand story through prominent trade publications, and give MyndVR the competitive edge over a higher-profile brand in the market.

Second, to gain brand and product visibility among the C-suite target audience, we arranged onstage and online speaking opportunities at the high-profile Argentum and ICAA conferences that immediately brought CEO Chris Brickler recognition and increased the market profile for MyndVR.

The third phase of our campaign centered on creating a consistent and strategic social media presence. Using Facebook and LinkedIn, we strategically engaged senior influencers at just the right time to raise MyndVR’s social media profile and visibility in advance of the announcement of MyndConnect, an innovative technology that connects families with distant loved ones through VR technology.

All of this work culminated at South by Southwest with the onstage highlight of MyndVR, lending the company even more broad-scale brand legitimacy.

from the client

“Working with TPG has given us great flexibility along with creativity to get really the best return on our marketing dollars.”


the results

In addition to a stronger network foundation that positions MyndVR as the industry leader in therapeutic VR capabilities for seniors, the company also gained 2.7 million targeted impressions that resulted in 1,250 leads from volume players across the senior living industry and 25 new volume sales from prominent senior living brands.