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a strong SEO strategy goes beyond keywords and search terms

The holistic approach we take to surround your brand and better connect to your consumer requires our public relations experts teaming up with our digital specialists, working side by side under one roof. This allows us to build content continuity from two perspectives – one that targets the media, the other that builds traffic to the website.

The result is a more effective SEO strategy as demonstrated for Legacy Senior Communities. Legacy is a Jewish-sponsored nonprofit senior living company that owns and operates three separate divisions in North Texas. Its goal is to provide exemplary care while finding innovative ways to enrich the lives of seniors and their families through tradition and culture, as well as through state-of-the-art amenities and countless opportunities to continue living independent, active and fulfilling lives.

A complete overhaul of its existing website and social media presence was artfully designed to increase engagement with qualified leads and drive occupancy, as well as to secure funding for the Midtown Park capital campaign.

Legacy struggled between focusing on the fundraising component and generating leads for the sales team. Understanding that the website would serve as the primary tool to bring all three entities together, we called upon our expertise in web design and user experience. We knew we needed to create a destination that was easy to navigate between the three business centers and provide less confusion, more engagement, and better results. The strategic play started with a complete redesign of the website to match the level of sophistication of the audience with the functionality needed to drive results. The new site provided ways for visitors to donate to the new community and included a number of calls to action encouraging people to call, schedule a tour or attend a live event at the community.

The website design solution incorporated an ongoing SEO content strategy designed to continue providing fresh content in order to further elevate its organic search ranking. In concert with the new web presence, Legacy also needed to revamp its social media presence to leverage its new website’s features and functionality.

Since the new website went live, organic traffic from search engines increased by 29.85%, and online inquiries doubled. Several of the blog posts written as part of the ongoing SEO component have contributed significantly to qualified website traffic, with one post garnering over 2,000 unique views. Public relations efforts enabled additional searchable content and backlinks for the ‘News’ section of the website and on social media. This one-two-three punch resulted in raising $15 million dollars in capital to help begin the first phase of construction.