Achieved an unprecendented 88% retention rate of current residents

finding seniors' happy place

The original address for luxury senior living in Dallas is here. Like each unique lifestyle, Edgemere cannot be replicated. Immaculate Tuscan architecture and lush landscapes provide remarkable living, for remarkable people. Residents revel in a luxurious way of life with people like them, people who know personal growth does not have an age limit.

Lobby of Edgemere
Exterior photo of Edgemere residence building with sunny sky

the situation

In its heyday, Edgemere was considered to be the primary luxury senior living model in Park Cities of Dallas. Through multiple transition, the pandemic crisis, and a highly publicized financial battle, Edgemere suffered a stain to its impeccable reputation. TPG was tasked with elevating a more positive side to its brand recognition.


After careful analysis of the competitive environment and market perception, a strategic content engagement campaign was orchestrated to blend earned, owned, and paid media designed to tell a different side to the Edgemere story.

Understanding that we could not control what media was reporting on legal proceedings, we took a bold position to address the situation head on, leveraging the power of Dallas Morning News to reach the same audience but with a more positive message as told through the prestigious residents of Edgemere.

Jane McGary headshot


Identifying some key influential residents with powerful positions in the Dallas community, we turned their stories into positive assets for Edgemere. Gaining media coverage first in earned placements and then in strategically placed paid opportunities, we created a campaign that showcased the positive aspects of the Edgemere Experience.

We engaged a popular and recognizable TV anchor, Jane McGarry of WFAA-ABC, to interview our residents in authentic broadcast videos and then used programmatic digital to push the message out to prospective residents in the surrounding community. We used print editorials in key publications and then versioned them into lead generating digital articles to live in perpetuity and provide valuable backlinks for organic SEO. We also leveraged strategically written blogs to help educate residents and the community on the value of living at Edgemere, answering important questions on the minds of this affluent and influential target audience.

the results

This 360-integrated approach was strategically orchestrated to lift positive brand awareness through authentic lifestyle stories from the residents of Edgemere.

  • Achieved 8 million impressions
  • Delivered 60,000 video view completions
  • Drove 36,000 visits to the website
  • An unprecedented 88% retention of current residents and associates during a particularly challenging business environment