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understanding how reporters think captures more coverage

Our public relations and media relations pros know how to get the exposure and traction our clients need because we’ve been in our clients’ shoes and behind reporters’ and producers’ microphones and cameras. Our experience, network and deeply connected media relations team has the knowhow, knows who to call, and who will answer their call. And we’re always on-call with HilltopSecurities, our client in the public finance space. HilltopSecurities’ financial leadership and business acumen are assets we take pride in understanding and promoting, leveraging its thought leaders during crucial times when the media and investors need to be in the know. With business bankers and advisors around the world, HilltopSecurities delivers the forthright advice and tailored solutions necessary for municipal issuers, institutions, broker-dealers and individuals to thrive.

Case in point, as the COVID-19 pandemic began to drastically impact the municipal bond market, HilltopSecurities aimed to provide context and insight to its clients. With the markets and legislation rapidly changing, HilltopSecurities began providing consistent commentary daily.

The Point Group capitalized on this as an opportunity to further grow the company as a thought leader on the municipal bond market and rapidly increase the firm’s national exposure.In short, our PR team was able to leverage media relationships and forge new relationships to secure coverage in major national newspapers like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. True to our core, we capitalize on existing relationships by providing reporters with timely and relevant content. We also discover what topics they need to feature. We are media partners. Beyond cementing relationships, we provide media with quick access to SMEs and timely interviews. Always watching, always learning, always evolving, our team of writers, producers, and former news reporters helps keep HilltopSecurities at the top of the news feeds.

In less than a month, we secured more than 20 media placements in more than 10 outlets including top-tier national media such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Axios, Barron’s, Reuters and Bloomberg (digital and TV). In March 2020 alone, secured media equated to hundreds of thousands of dollars in earned media value and over 100 million unique views.